[Geany-devel] Does Geany have matching highlighting?

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Fri Jan 9 17:29:29 UTC 2009

On Tue, 6 Jan 2009 14:53:43 -0500, Robert Hawkins
<rhawkins at factset.com> wrote:

>>What exactly is the difference to method b) I described (using the
>>Find dialog with Mark)?
>Marking is different than highlighting.  It's not as clear where the
>word is.  Marking identifies a line, matching highlighting identifies
>the word. Also, methods a) and b) require more steps.  The benefit of

Oh, I'm sorry. The current SVN version of Geany also highlights only
the matched word not the whole line anymore. But this is not available
in 0.15, but will be in 0.16 and when asking for the difference, I just
forgot about the old behaviour :).

>the feature I described is in its simplicity.  I double click on a
>word to highlight it and that word is highlighted wherever it occurs.

Ok, this is really different. I doubt double clicking on a word to
highlight all matches is worth adding, this might lead to too many
unintended highlights. That is, for me this seems to be too easy.
Using the keyboard, you can get it by doing the following:
In the preferences dialog, Search tab enable the second option: "Use
the current word under the cursor for Find dialogs"
then put the cursor on the word to highlight, press Ctrl-F, Alt-F (to
open the 'Find all' expander and then Alt-M.

Yes, a little more keypresses but still possible.


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