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Frank Lanitz frank at xxxxx
Mon Nov 24 18:51:38 UTC 2008


I'm currently thinking of implementing a better support for the insert
reference functionality of geanylatex plugin. Goal is, to parse the
whole document inclusive all of included files for \label{} commands
that are not out commended or else wise not active and offering
theminside the dialog for fast access without looking up each one again
and again. 

For doing this, I've got three possible start points I'm not
sure, which is the best one ;) 

1. Trying to parse LaTeX-meta files that are generated during the
latex run. This would cause to compile a document before make complete
usage of the feature 
2. Implement a own function that is parsing each document for \label{}
is calling recursively for each file that in included with \include{}
or \input{}.
3. Doing something similar like in 2, but using of Geany's tagmanager,
which will save the time to implement a complete new logic for
deciding whether a label shell be used, but will cause the biggest
system load IMHO.  

So what do you think about? 

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