[Geany-Users] Trouble with setting latex custom build commands

Łukasz Grabowski graboluk at xxxxx
Mon Nov 29 09:45:49 UTC 2021


First time poster here - nice to meet you everyone!

I have a problem setting up custom latex commmands. For example, I'm
trying to have a command to run pdflatex specifically on the file
main.tex in the current directory (this should work everyone, so there
are no projects involved in my query) 

The way I do it is I just copy the standard geany command, and replace
"%f" with "main.tex", as in the screenshot here for the command "make

However I never get anywhere with it - if I run the command the
compiler window just lists the command like in this screenshot:
and nothing ever happens.

This is the behaviour I seem to always end up with no matter where
exactly I put the custom command, or what command exactly is used, as
long as it involes pdflatex.

Any help would be much appreciated!


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