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Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Fri Jul 23 21:46:55 UTC 2021


On 23.07.21 22:37, r.rudolph at mnet-online.de wrote:
> 1) How can I delete some words that I added to the dictionary in Geany?

see 2) below.

> 2) Is there a possibility to see the list of words that I added to the
> dictionary in Geany?
On my system, there are ".dic" files for each used language in
In those files you can find the previously added dictionary words. And
when using Geany (or any other editor) to edit those files, you can
delete the words there directly.

Additionally, I have files like /home/enrico/.aspell.<languae>.pws which
also has some of the previously added words.

I'm not sure how portable these locations are and if maybe other
spelling engines (like ispell, myspell, hunspell, voikko, ...) use
similar locations.

A few more details are explained in https://github.com/AbiWord/enchant,
section "Sharing personal word lists between spell-checkers".

I'm not aware of any editor or other tool to manage personal
dictionaries / wordlists.


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