[Geany-Users] Geany's GPG key has expired?

Wandering Swordsman wanderingswordsman at xxxxx
Thu Jul 8 10:13:37 UTC 2021


I'm not that familiar with mailing lists so I hope I'm posting this correctly.

I was trying to compile Geany with the geany-1.37.1.tar.gz from https://geany.org/download/releases/

However when I downloaded the GPG Signature (geany-1.37.1.tar.gz.sig) and the GPG Key (colombanw-pubkey.txt) and compared them I got a "This key has expired!" warning.

gpg --verify geany-1.37.1.tar.gz.sig geany-1.37.1.tar.gz
gpg: Signature made Sun 08 Nov 2020 10:20:32 AM MST
gpg: Good signature from "Colomban Wendling <ban at ban.netlib.re>" [expired]
gpg: aka "Colomban Wendling <ban at herbesfolles.org>" [expired]
gpg: aka "Colomban Wendling <lists.ban at herbesfolles.org>" [expired]
gpg: Note: This key has expired!
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