[Geany-Users] Color configurstion in Geany

bendov at gmx.com bendov at xxxxx
Sat May 23 19:45:28 UTC 2020

On 5/21/20 7:07 AM, Carl Caulkett wrote:
> I’ve just installed Geany, have downloaded the Geany themes and have
> selected the Solarized (Dark) scheme. Now I would like to be able to
> adjust the colors of the surrounding elements of Geany, the toolbar,
> the side panel, the terminal panel and so on, but I cannot figure out
> a way to do this. I had hoped that editing `geany.css` might be
> involved, but it’s not clear (to me, at least!) if this is the case.
> Any ideas, anyone? Thanks!
Before you do anything to anything, make backups of files BEFORE you
even open them.  And add to the orig. name, enough so you'll know from
where & when they came, so you can restore if things go south (& they
can, in a heartbeat).

Some / much of what or how you change the interface of apps (Geany) may
depend on your OS.
In Linux (Mint), the GUI colors use the colors of the system theme.
Unless you have experience modifying themes, it's probably easier to
find a custom theme that supports your OS version.  If in Linux, a 3rd
party theme also needs to support the OS version, the "desktop
environment" (DE) & the DE version.

Specifically, the theme for apps that use GTK2.0 - unless the latest
Geany versions use something other than GTK2.0.
GTK2 uses mainly the gtkrc file for theming the interface.  Changes to
the OS selected theme will usually affect all apps & OS screens that use
the same theming engine - what ever that is.

Windows will be different. If you're using a native theme, shipped with
(what ever) OS, that's generally what apps use unless you add another
theme or modify a native theme.

Modifying existing themes or installing D/L ones is relatively easy in
Linux.  Tutorials are everywhere showing how to edit / create / or
install a new theme.

It may not be as easy in Windows (I haven't used it in several yrs).

In my Linux install of Geany, in /usr/share/geany directory, there is a
"geany.css", "geany.gtkrc" (GTK2 file) & geany.glade. "Glade" is one of
many GTK2.0 theming engines.  None of the files appear to be complete
themes.  In my case, much of the UI code in /usr/share/geany is probably
overridden by the installed / selected theme in my /home directory.

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