[Geany-Users] cannot run multiple execute commands

Glen Ellis glen.e77is at xxxxx
Thu May 21 12:56:15 UTC 2020

to Jan Alster,
When I want to run two scripts at the same time, to test interaction,
I must use two instances of Geany.
I am running BASH scripts , in UpupBB,
and it is possible to write code such that one running script
can alter the data target of the other running script.
This is not a logically useful scenario.

To your question:
In my system,
each Geany instance has only one 'Execute' function available.
Perhaps this is a 'new' and 'un-advertised' feature.

Glen Ellis

On 5/21/20, Jan Alster <alster at post.cz> wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to ask for help with following issue. I have recently switched
> to new Debian system and now I cannot run multiple python scripts from Geany
> (via F5) at the same time. On my previous system I could run many and the
> spawned terminals were open as long as the scripts were running (pressing F5
> the second time seemingly detached the terminal from Geany and third press
> of F5 could start a new script in a new terminal). Now the spawned terminal
> closes immediately after pressing F5 second time (and it kills python even
> if it is not finished). strace shows that the terminal gets SIGTERM from
> Geany. Is that a new feature? I cannot find a way how to keep the terminal
> running.
> Thanks,
> Jan
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