[Geany-Users] vertical line spacing, line_height, filetypes.common

John Gabriele jgabriele at xxxxx
Mon Jun 1 01:58:09 UTC 2020

On Sun, May 31, 2020, at 9:44 PM, Lex Trotman wrote:
> On Mon, 1 Jun 2020 at 09:43, John Gabriele <jgabriele at fastmail.fm> wrote:
> >
> > Thanks, Lex. Sorry for the delay. Here's the gist:
> > https://gist.github.com/uvtc/ae80c71aa46a55660ad17c485a04b6c5
> > It's in ~/.config/geany/filedefs.
> >
> As I noted above, lines starting with # are comments, but in your
> filetypes.common all the lines that are actually comments are without
> #, so no wonder it confused the keyfile parser and doesn't work.

Wow. That's odd. I don't know why that file contained so many uncommented lines of text. I'm pretty certain it came stock that way with the Debian package.

I commented all the ... commentary lines, and as soon as I hit save the line_height change took effect (I did not need to reload config or anything).

-- John

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