[Geany-Users] Problems to install geanymacro, failure on chewcking the GPG signature

Adalbert Hanßen Adalbert.Hanssen at xxxxx
Tue Jun 25 14:52:34 UTC 2019

Dear list members,

In search for a text editor with marco recording capabilities I came across this website:

https://plugins.geany.org/geanymacro.html. (Hint: just add a link to the place from where I can download the searched-for plugin. That would make life easier).

The descritipon looks like this is exactly what I am looking for. I search for the place from which it can be downloaded, I came across


showing me

    Download Geany-Plugins

The latest version is 1.35, you should take a look at the release notes <https://raw.githubusercontent.com/geany/geany-plugins/1.35.0/NEWS>.
Download 	Type 	SIG 	MD5 / SHA1 <https://plugins.geany.org/downloads.html?site=downloads&hash=sha1>
geany-plugins-1.35.tar.gz <https://plugins.geany.org/geany-plugins/geany-plugins-1.35.tar.gz> 	Source Code 	GPG Signature <https://plugins.geany.org/geany-plugins/geany-plugins-1.35.tar.gz.sig> 	


geany-plugins-1.35.tar.bz2 <https://plugins.geany.org/geany-plugins/geany-plugins-1.35.tar.bz2> 	Source Code 	GPG Signature <https://plugins.geany.org/geany-plugins/geany-plugins-1.35.tar.bz2.sig> 	


geany-plugins-1.35_setup.exe <https://plugins.geany.org/geany-plugins/geany-plugins-1.35_setup.exe> 	Win32 Installer 	GPG Signature <https://plugins.geany.org/geany-plugins/geany-plugins-1.35_setup.exe.sig> 	


The instructions to install the desired plugin (which are described on the same page) did not enable me to achieve the desired goal.

It should be:

 1. download the packed archieve in the form you like best.
 2. click onto the item in the column SIG of the line you have chosen to download the *.sig file for the downloaded item.
 3. cd to your Download directory or the place wher you have put the two downloaded files.
 4. import the key of the author via |gpg --recv-keys B507ACD04BA283C9|
 5. /add the necessary steps to make the program from the downloaded sourcecode./

There is some description, but when I follow it, I don't get through.

In the fourth step I encounter:

$ *gpg --recv-keys B507ACD04BA283C9*
gpg: Schlüssel 4BA283C9 von hkp-Server keys.gnupg.net anfordern
gpgkeys: key B507ACD04BA283C9 can't be retrieved
gpg: Keine gültigen OpenPGP-Daten gefunden.
gpg: Anzahl insgesamt bearbeiteter Schlüssel: 0
gpg: Schlüsselserver-Datenübertragunsfehler: keyserver helper general error
gpg: Schlüsselserver-Datenübertragunsfehler: Unbekanntes Public-Key-Verfahren
gpg: Empfangen vom Schlüsselserver fehlgeschlagen: Unbekanntes Public-Key-Verfahren

Note: From other trials, gpg --list-keys shows me these keys, apparently I already have the key of the author:

pub   4096R/4BA283C9 2018-04-04 [verfällt: 2020-04-03]
uid                  Frank Lanitz <frank at lanitz.info>
uid                  Frank Lanitz <frlan at fsfe.org>
uid                  Frank Lanitz <frank at geany.org>
uid                  Frank Lanitz <frank at mxsrv.org>
uid                  Frank Lanitz <frank at frank.uvena.de>
uid                  Frank Lanitz <frank.lanitz at seznam.cz>
sub   4096R/0E29452D 2018-04-04 [verfällt: 2020-04-03]

Of course, the other commands to make and possibly install the plkugin should be shown there too or on a linked page (in case they are the same for many plugins which are delivered as source code poackages only.

Kind regards

Adalbert Hanßen

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