[Geany-Users] Can't import local module. Need mainloop()

Georg Klingenberg georg.klingenberg at xxxxx
Mon Dec 16 09:12:26 UTC 2019

the main loop of a GUI tries to act like an internet browser: disguise as OS 
do as you like; it's actually the bottom line of 'social networks' (or even 
humans simply act like that: finding out without leaving the cover); I just 
how long they can sell there 'data analysis' (AI, there selling label, is 
older than
anyone's live on this planet but still working fine); don't fight, be 
have a nice day

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On 12/14/19 2:40 PM, Paul Marlin wrote:

PS: I'm sure this belongs in a separate thread; but I got cocky and
tried an alarm clock program that I had written involving a tkinter
GUI.  It worked fine in Idle; but all I got from Geany was a terminal
window telling me the exit code was 0.  Using the ancient dicotomy of
system vs. applcation programing, wouldn't it be fair to say all
application programs are GUI?

Please ignore this.  Idle displays the GUI without the mainloop()
function.  When I added it, Geany displays the GUI as well.

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