[Geany-Users] Shortcut key to open dialog to edit shortcut keys? Mac Os

Samuel Loy sams.silly.stuff at xxxxx
Wed Aug 8 12:19:06 UTC 2018

I find myself in a weird circumstance. My Macbook screen has been cracked
on the top and left. It's what I've been primarily using to program with,
but I can't afford a new screen at the moment. Thankfully it's still
functional I just can't access the menu (because of Macs silly unchangeable
global keyboard). I can do basic things like opening and saving a file and
running a program thanks to the fact that those tools are in the tool bar,
but I can't save as, I can't debug and according to the documentation those
things don't have default shortcut keys?

If there was a way to bring up the shortcut key editor by keyboard alone
that would be great!
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