[Geany-Users] Dialog Issues - Multi Monitor Setup Windows 7 - Geany 1.33

OwN-3m-All own3mall at xxxxx
Tue Aug 7 16:58:50 UTC 2018

Hi All,

I'm running Geany 1.33 on Windows 7, and I've noticed with my dual-monitor
setup some interesting behavior in terms of the placement and display of
certain dialogs.

I have a non-standard dual monitor setup in which an HDMI switcher changes
between multiple HDMI output devices (my main rig's secondary monitor
disconnecting from my rig and becoming the main and only monitor for other
devices at times and then being reconnected as the secondary monitor at
other times).

For example, when I go to "Search" and then "Find in Files", this dialog
will sometimes not show up at all.  When this happens, I need to use my
HDMI switcher to get the secondary monitor "reconnected" to my main rig.
After the secondary monitor is reconnected, the dialog will show up on my
main display sometimes or over on the secondary monitor.  So, as long as my
secondary monitor is plugged in and active, this dialog always appears
somewhere, but if I only have one of my monitors active (the main display),
the dialog will not show upuntil I reconnect the secondary monitor.

I hope this makes sense.  It's quite complicated, but it's been kind of
annoying.  My primary display monitor is the on the right, and my secondary
display monitor is on the left.  This is kind of non-standard as well.
Usually, it's the opposite for most people.

Not sure what needs to be tweaked or changed (as I'm sure it's
complicated), but it would be nice if the dialogs always show up on the
primary display device when the other secondary display devices aren't
active or connected.
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