[Geany-Users] Deprecated code indicator

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Fri Sep 29 01:17:03 UTC 2017

Le 26/09/2017 à 02:00, Lex Trotman a écrit :
> On 26 September 2017 at 17:33, Ruud van Lent <ruud.van.lent at zonnet.nl> wrote:
>> […]
>> What I am looking for now is to have Geany indicate that a function /
>> method, etc. I use is deprecated.
>> Deprecated methods are marked deprecated in the docblock (with the
>> @deprecated tag). What e.g. Eclipse or PHPstorm does is display the used
>> function with a 'striketrough'.
>> I know that Geany is not a complete IDE like Eclipse or PHPStorm, but I was
>> wondering if this is currently possible?
> There is nothing that provides highlighting for those sorts of
> semantics, however strikethrough is available as a Scintilla
> indicator, so you could make a plugin do it.

What I would look into is a compiler-like tool that reports those
issues, so it could be used as a build command, and Geany can highlight
the incriminated lines then.  Just a thought though.


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