[Geany-Users] How do I activate project releated editor settings?

Joerg Desch news at xxxxx
Mon Oct 16 10:24:19 UTC 2017

Am Mon, 16 Oct 2017 02:29:31 -0700 schrieb Matthew Brush:

>> What is the correct way to use the project related settings?
> Did you try to use `Project->Apply Default Indentation` on the files?

No. I've posted my solution (which isn't good IMO) as a reply to Lex's 

The term "Apply Default Indentation" sounds like switching to the global 
settings and not to use the project settings. ;-)

I've tried the menu entry now. Is does the job without reloading the 
project or the files. But why is there an extra step necessary? If I 
change the indentation type, this should be applied automagically after 
closing the dialog, shouldn't it?

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