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Frank Lanitz frank at xxxxx
Mon Jan 16 08:41:35 UTC 2017

Am 2017-01-16 08:54, schrieb Lex Trotman:
> Thanks but...
> The translation is so poor that it would be a case of "guess what the
> original actually said, and then what that means" and thats not a good
> approach to legalese.  You need to keep the original meaning.

Actually this is the main reason we did not yet provide a translation as 
all this legal terms on the one hand and the different legal systems all 
over the world on the other hand. A few weeks ago I created a short 
conclusion of the charter. Maybe it helps a little to understand what's 
the goal etc. This is not a official translation/transcript/* ;)

§1 The name will be Geany e.V. and it will be located in Halle (Saale),
Germany. My current hometown. It will be registered there too.

# This is done. It's registered in Stendal, Germany)

§2 Goals are to support development and usage of Free Software, in
special Geany as well as helping getting access (in terms of how to use
it e.g.) to it as well as education about Free Software in general. By
doing this it will support also science

# This is quiet explicit because of German rules and keeping opportunity
# to become a non-profit organisation

These goals will be fullfilled by:
* Support of exchange between developers
* Development and research related to Geany
* Support on preparing documentation and schoolings
* running booth, workshops etc to increase number of people having
   "access" to Geany
* Support developers in case of any legal issue related to Geany

§3 No funds of the organisation is allowed to spend for things not
mentioned in §2

§4 Membership: Humans as well as companies might become member of the
association by asked via e.g. Mail and ack of the board. (a few more
things to organize this stuff)

§5 Rights and duties of a member:
* Members might use resources of the association
* Members shall help to do things mentioned in §2
* Members need to pay a little few (5€/year at the moment)

§6 Institutions
* There are the board of directors and the general meeting

§7 General meeting
* Highst court
* Decision/resolutions based on voting (relative majority in most cases)
* At least 1 time a year
* Exceptionally can be triggered by 23% of members
* A lot of legal stuff in terms of e.g. announcements in time
* Invitation sent out by the boards at least 2 week in prior
* None natural members are allowed to send a representative (not 

§8 Board
* At least 3 persons
* Every member of board is allowed to speak for the association and e.g.
   sign contracts (400€ value alone, 2000€ value together, all above in
   every case general meeting)
* Board is elected for 2 years
* No payment for board members (travel expenses are ok)
* Some legal stuff

# Current board: Enrico Tröger, Frank Lanitz and Silvio Knizek. The last
# one is a dear fellow doing botthes etc. together with us for a long 

§9 Changes on this charter
* General meeting needs 2/3 vote for a change
* Change needs to be announces inside invitation for general meeting

§10 Termination
* If the asociation is terminated, there needs a general meeting as well
   as a decision who is getting the money etc. Can be only given to a
   non-profit oganisation.

$11 writings
* Emails can be used too for interaction with asociation, but needs to
   be signed


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