[Geany-Users] plugins, markdown, autogen.sh, and intltoolize

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Thu Dec 28 22:28:17 UTC 2017

Le 28/12/2017 à 08:01, Muddleglum Smith a écrit :
> Is this where geany plugin installation problems can be discussed? If
> not, please inform me where to go and don't waste your time reading
> onward.

Nope that's a good place.

> I'm trying to get the markdown plugin to work on my Fedora 26.
> Matthew Brush (codebrainz) kindly wrote to me:
> ...the latest release version:
> https://github.com/geany/geany-plugins/tree/1.32.0
> ..."Download ZIP" link under the green "Clone or Download" button.
> Assuming ... `/usr` prefix, and ... something like this should work:
>  $ unzip ...
>  $ cd geany-plugins ...
>  $ ./autogen.sh --with-geany-libdir=/usr/lib --disable-all-plugins --enable-
> markdown
> No problems until that last. I'm informed that intltoolize command isn't found.
> Question: Erase that line? or what? I'm assuming that the line isn't
> pertinent for english setups, but --

Install intltool.  Yes, if you use US English it's not *really*
necessary to have translation setup, but the translation infrastructure
depends on it and can't be deactivated.  Well, you could have some fun
removing it, but I don't recommend that.  If you don't want to build the
translations themselves for some reason (why I wouldn't know as it's
cheap and easier), you can play with LINGUAS or something -- check some
docs.  But the simpler and most reasonable is to install intltool which
will definitely be packaged in Fedora.

> Note: I tried ./configure with the same parameters, but the system
> couldn't find ./configure. There *is* a configure.ac, but I'm thinking
> that if autogen.sh reaches the last line it, too, will fail. Dunno,
> though.

You need to run autogen.sh to generate configure indeed.  If you want to
generate the configure script without running it, use:

$ NOCONFIGURE=1 ./autogen.sh

> Should I try configure.ac with the parameters given above?

Nope, configure.ac is a "source" file to be processed by autoreconf, not
a ready-to-use script.

However, about the goal: I'm afraid Geany on Fedora might be built
against GTK3, and that the markdown plugin doesn't work with GTK3
(yet?).  So you might need to also rebuild Geany to use GTK2.


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