[Geany-Users] Tabify/untabify on selection only, in complete line

Little Girl littlergirl at xxxxx
Sat Aug 26 18:09:33 UTC 2017

Hey there,

Lars Paulsen wrote:

> I would like to know if there is a way to tabify/untabify a portion
> of selected text?
> I know I can mark text and change the indentation with tab/shift
> tab and that will also delete tabs (if configured).
> But it does only delete the tab on the start of the line before the 
> first token.
> E.g. '-->token-->nextToken;' becomes '....token-->nextToken;' ('.'
> = one space, '-->' = one tab).
> I would like it to become '....token....nextToken;'.
> How can I do that, only for a selection - not for the whole
> document.

You can customize the toolbar to add the Increase Indent and the
Decrease Indent icons:

Edit -> Preferences -> Interface -> Toolbar -> Customize Toolbar

Click each of the icons in the left frame and then click the right
arrow in the middle. If you don't like where they ended up on the
toolbar, you can drag them to a different location.

Once those are in place, you can select any text and press either one
of them to indent or remove the indent of all of the selected text by
one tab for each click of the icon.

Little Girl

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