[Geany-Users] Problem with using Deja Vu Sans in Geany

Samuel Loy sams.silly.stuff at xxxxx
Mon Apr 3 19:25:48 UTC 2017


I'm using Geany 1.26 "Rosset" on Mac Os X 10.10.5, I'm trying to change my
font from the default Courier to Deja Vu Sans.

My problem is that when I select the font and the regular font weight of
"book," that all my code displays in bold which is harder to read and it
doesn't allow for certain keywords to be bolded as before.

I've googled for solutions and I've tried to read the configuration
documentation, and either I can't find the place where the proper font
formatting of the default font can be set or I'm not understanding the docs.

 I want to change font primarily because certain unicode characters I'm
using don't appear in the Courier, and I like the look of Deja Vu better.

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