[Geany-Users] [ANN] Geany-Plugins 1.29 are out!

Frank Lanitz frank at frank.uvena.de
Sun Nov 13 16:49:19 UTC 2016


We are happy to announce a new version of the combined Geany-Plugins
release -- right after Geany 1.29, Geany-Plugins 1.29 has been released.

Here are some of the most prominent news.

* Rename plugin GeanyLipsum to Lipsum (Frank Lanitz).
* Update translations: de, es, fr, kk, pt
* Addons: Add a function to deselect marked words with one click
  (Enrico Tröger)
* Commander: Add keybindings for triggering a particular filter type
  (Colomban Wendling)
* Git-Changebar: Fix handling documents starting with a BOM (Colomban
* Git-Changebar: Fix an off-by-one issue in tooltip hunk width
  calculation cropping 1px on the right (Colomban Wendling)
* Git-Changebar: Add support for libgit2 0.24.2 (Colomban Wendling)
* Spellcheck: Strip single quotes from words' beginning and end (Enrico
* Treebrowser: Fix a typo in configuration parsing causing option for
  "open new files" have not being save/restored correctly (Enrico

A more complete list of changes can be found in the NEWS file at

As usual, you can find source tarballs and Windows installer for the new
release on https://plugins.geany.org.

A huge thanks to everybody contributing to this great release.


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