[Geany-Users] Adding a filetype

Alain Aupeix alain.aupeix at xxxxx
Wed Jan 27 14:24:01 UTC 2016

Le 27/01/2016 15:04, Colomban Wendling a écrit :
> If it's not detected automatically, it might be because names are case
> sensitive.  if your filetype is named "filetypes.harbour.conf", your
> entry in filetype_extensions.conf need to mention "harbour" exactly.
It was the reason
> If you get the proper filetype yet no syntax highlighting or anything,
> it's probably that you failed to set the lexer_filetype under stettings
it was, then, the case ...
Now it's ok
> in your custom filetype.  Custom filetypes have additional keys you need
> to fill in.  (BTW, you probably also want to fill in tag_parser).
What's the purpose ?
Auto-completion ?

I notice too, that with filetypes.c, there were symbols (some were wrong)
But now, no more symbols.

How to activate it ?
How to have a good parsing of functions and variables ?

Alain Aupeix
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