[Geany-Users] problems with autocomplete

lmx lmx1 at xxxxx
Sun Mar 29 03:39:38 UTC 2015

Hi Geany lovers,

I have a very annoying bug in geany...its has to do with autocompletion.

I have a dark theme.

When autocompletion activate to show me the list of options, the box is 
to small, I cant see all options, and i can't even see more than 10chars 
per option, this is a problem, the box dosn't scale automatically, and 
in some struct members you can't see them, you don't know who is who, if 
they have similar names... :S,

The colors of the box is white :S, not the same color has the backgroud 
of IDE, or the theme used...

Is there any way to change it by config some file, etc?


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