[Geany-Users] Lisp improvements

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Thu Mar 19 22:03:02 UTC 2015

On 15-03-19 09:26 AM, James Brierley wrote:
> Hi all.
> Geany has been as good to me over the past year or two of Lisping as it
> was with anything involving curly braces, but I would be interested in
> writing/contributing code to improve the support for tagging and
> autocompletion.
> Unless I’m doing something horribly wrong, Common Lisp is not supported
> by the symbol list out of the box the way that Python or C files are.
> So, I take it I would need to write a parser of the type under
> tagmanager/ctags in git — there isn’t one for Common Lisp at present. Is
> this correct? Syntax highlighting for Lisps (for what syntax there is)
> works fine but I would like to work on making the symbol list functional
> as well.

What would it show, just a flat sequence of Lists with a Symbol in the 
car position? Syntactically it should be the most trivial parser in 
CTags to write, but it might be more challenging to show a meaningful 
symbols tree for it (ex. should it handle quoting? show non-alpha 
symbols like !@#$%^&? functions in `cond` branches, etc).

BTW, it sounds like you have the right idea WRT adding a parser.

Matthew Brush

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