[Geany-Users] Matching brace, colon inside

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Tue Mar 3 17:53:36 UTC 2015

Le 03/03/2015 18:36, Péter a écrit :
> Geany does not find some rather obvious brace pairs. I edited my .bashrc
> file. Its recognized filetype is "Config file" (I do not know, why.)
> For testing, paste this text into an empty file, and issue a "Set
> Filetype"/Miscellaneous/"Config file" command.
> The matching pair sometimes is found, sometimes isn't:
> […]

Braces are only considered matching if they share the same style (which
might or might not be displayed differently).

The problem you have is that the "Config file" filetype considers most
of your colons as separators between what it thinks is the "key" and the
value.  This filetype is supposed to handle files like this:

	key = value
	key: value

and it recognizes both `:` and `=` as value separators.

So it's not a bug, you're just using a file type for which "matching
braces" is more or less meaningless -- especially as your data doesn't
conform to the file type's expectancies.

Just set the filetype to "Shell script" and all should be good.


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