[Geany-Users] Matching brace, colon inside

Péter e2qb2a44f at xxxxx
Tue Mar 3 17:36:17 UTC 2015

Geany does not find some rather obvious brace pairs. I edited my .bashrc file. Its recognized filetype is "Config file" 
(I do not know, why.)

For testing, paste this text into an empty file, and issue a "Set Filetype"/Miscellaneous/"Config file" command.

The matching pair sometimes is found, sometimes isn't:

aa {}     good
aa []     good
aa ()     good
aa {:}    bad
aa [:]    bad
aa (:)    bad
  {:}      good
  [:]      good
  (:)      good
{:}       bad
[:]       good
(:)       bad


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