[Geany-Users] 1.25 incorrectly detecting file changes

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Wed Jul 22 15:34:30 UTC 2015

> I get two different warnings...  If I save the file and then give that
> file editor focus after 30 seconds, I get the "The file 'somefile.txt'
> on the disk is more recent than the current buffer." warning.

That is what is expected if the filesystem is fibbing about the times
as I originally described, Geany does a stat of the file after it has
verified that the write was successful.  The time of that stat is the
one used 30 secs later to compare to another stat, but if the
filesystem has now updated the time to match what the remote has, then
it will be different.

> If I
> make a change to the file before the 30 seconds elapses and try to
> re-save, I get a different warning that allows me to "overwrite" (so
> it does another check just before saving).  ...eh..  I'm not sure if
> that information helps, though.

That makes sense, the file time will be different, and the buffer has
been modified, so Geany says "Ok, there are two things changed,
whatdya wanna do?"

> I'll have to check this on Friday.  But when you do an upgrade, is a
> change made to the .conf file automatically?  I never changed that
> setting so it should still be using "use_gio_unsafe_file_saving" which
> is the default.

If you are using an existing config then it should not change the
setting.  Using GIO, hmmm, wonder if its doing some funny business, I
know it tries to make the writes atomic by writing a new file and then
renaming it over the old file, wonder if that works on sftp, and if
the file time gets changed on the rename, or if it has to recopy the
file because it can't rename.

And GVFS might cache a time, or FUSE or ...

Lots of moving parts in this system.


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