[Geany-Users] Font too small

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Mon Jul 20 14:23:12 UTC 2015

Le 20/07/2015 16:02, Colomban Wendling a écrit :
> […]
>>> # and set the font you want
>>> gtk-font-name = "Sans 14"
>> I guess I have to put here a real font name from my system, right?. I
>> used Courier New instead, but still no change.
> "Sans" worked here as it's a virtual font meaning "the default
> sans-serif font", but sure use whichever font you like.
> But again, this doesn't work if using the GTK theme integrating with the
> Windows theming system.

Wait!  I found a way, and it's even very customizable :)  It's actually
the way to override specific fonts, and basically is the same we do for
existing font overrides.

Instead of setting the "gtk-font-name" setting, override the specific
widgets fonts:

For all GTK applications:

style "custom-font" {
	font_name = "Sans 16"
widget_class "<GtkWindow>.*" style "custom-font"

or for Geany only:

style "custom-font" {
	font_name = "Sans 16"
widget "GeanyMainWindow.*" style "custom-font"
widget "Geany*Dialog*.*" style "custom-font"

The first applies to everything inside a GTK window (e.g. everything of
every GTK applications), and the second only to Geany main window and
dialogs.  Unless you have other GTK using applications that you don't
wanna change, I suggest you use the first solution that is a little
simpler will more easily adapt to e.g. windows created by plugins.

And of course, customize the "font_name" as you like.

Hope this one works (did here).


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