[Geany-Users] Latest version of geany problems

James Brierley jmb8710 at xxxxx
Tue Jul 14 08:26:29 UTC 2015

On 14/07/15 09:16, Thomas Martitz wrote:
> It seems your distro hasn't updated the geany-plugins packages yet.
> geany-plugins 1.24 is binary-incompatible with geany 1.25.

Another thing to note is that a freshly compiled Geany 1.25 with GTK 3 
enabled says that it isn’t compatible with similarly freshly compiled 
version 1.25 plugins. Disabling GTK 3 stopped it complaining. (I hope 
this isn’t just me being stupid.)

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this release. Geany goes 
from strength to strength, and in 20 years’ I look forward to telling 
people “I was using Geany before it was cool.” :)


James Brierley

The key to solving the world’s problems is the
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