[Geany-Users] no printing

Ray Andrews rayandrews at xxxxx
Mon Dec 28 20:55:11 UTC 2015

On 12/28/2015 10:53 AM, Lex Trotman wrote:
> A bit more information would be useful, like version of geany,

1.23.1, but this goes way back.
>   your
> operating system,

Debian stable and/or testing.
> gtk versions.  Just post the top 3-4 lines of
> menu->help->debug messages as well as the OS version
12:13:49: Geany INFO        : Geany 1.23.1, en_US.UTF-8
12:13:49: Geany INFO        : GTK 2.24.28, GLib 2.44.1
12:13:49: Geany INFO        : System data dir: /usr/share/geany

There's no obvious error, it just prints blank pages.  However ...
fooling around with it again, I find that if I set:

Color > ColorModel: Greyscale
Advanced > Ink Type: Black

... then it prints,  but stock settings give only blanks. "Preview" 
shows blank pages, so it seems to be related to ink darkness or 
something.  The printer obviously thinks it's doing what it should.

However I can only select

Range > All Pages

... never 'Current Page'.

Thanks Lex

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