[Geany-Users] I want to run a c program on Prisoner's Dilemma in Geany but can't

James Brierley jmb8710 at xxxxx
Tue Jul 22 19:23:37 UTC 2014

On 22/07/14 20:00, Rajib Bandopadhyay wrote:
> On 22/07/2014, James Brierley <jmb8710 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Just to wade in, 'broken' in Debian APT terminology means that a package
>> is not installed properly.
>> Try (as root):
>> apt-get -f install
>> at the command like.
>> Hope this helps.
>> James
> Why would Synaptic show a Broken info before the package is installed?
> The matter appears to be far more complicated than that :) I am not
> going to force install packages. Let's wait for more suggestion.
> Thank you for writing.
> Regards

Er, -f stands for ‘fix’, not ‘force’. APT will not install a system with 
broken dependencies.

 From the man page for apt-get:

        -f, --fix-broken
            Fix; attempt to correct a system with broken dependencies in 
place. This option, when used with install/remove, can omit any packages 
to permit APT to deduce a likely solution. If packages are specified, 
these have to completely correct the
            problem. The option is sometimes necessary when running APT 
for the first time; APT itself does not allow broken package 
dependencies to exist on a system. It is possible that a system's 
dependency structure can be so corrupt as to require manual
            intervention (which usually means using dpkg --remove to 
eliminate some of the offending packages). Use of this option together 
with -m may produce an error in some situations. Configuration Item: 

Sorry to sound a bit condescending, but I’m wondering how you consider 
the problem to be ‘far more complicated’ when you have not read the 
manual for the software you’re using? I’m only trying to help. As 
someone who has been using Ubuntu and Debian systems for eight years, I 
think my advice might be worth something.


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