[Geany-Users] Jump to start/end of visual line

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Tue Dec 23 16:49:24 UTC 2014

Le 23/12/2014 17:42, sende.mir.post at gmx.de a écrit :
> Hello,
> There is one thing that has botheres me about Geany for quite some
> time:
> How can I make Geany jump to the start/end of a VISUAL line?
> Lets say I have a very long line of text. I'll enable the visual line
> break feature, so I can still see the entire text on the screen,
> though make it break into multiple visual lines. Now, I'd like to hit
> [Home] or [End] to jump to the beginning/end of the CURRENT visual
> line. However, Geany will make the cursor jump to the start/end of
> the actual line (not the visible one).
> Is there anything I can to about that, in terms of configuration?

Yes, you can bind the "visual line" keybindings ("Go To Start of Display
Line" and "Go To End of Display Line") to the keys you like (even Home
and End if you wish).

However note that it's not perfect, we have some improvements to do on
that regard.  For example, you can't bind "select to the start of
display line" (we don't have it) to <Shift>Home, and apparently the "Go
to Start of Display Line" doesn't honor the "smart home key" setting.


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