[Geany-Users] Geany portable and new filetype

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Mon Sep 30 18:59:41 UTC 2013

On 13-09-30 10:02 AM, Wolfgang Werners-Lucchini wrote:
> Hallo,
> I would like to configure geany portable (PortableApps) to work with
> different Assemblers (x86, avr and two different 6502
> crossassemblers).
> I wanted to create a first filetype '*.s'.
> One of the problems I have is that there are 6 locations for the file
> 'filetype_extensions.conf':
> GeanyPortable\App\DefaultData\Settings\filedefs
> GeanyPortable\App\DefaultData\Settings\tags
> GeanyPortable\App\Geany\data
> GeanyPortable\Data\Data\Settings
> GeanyPortable\Data\Data\Settings\filedefs
> GeanyPortable\Data\Data\Settings\tags
> I don't know what they are for.

They aren't part of Geany either, but presumably it's one of the 
`filedefs` directories since that's what you're asking about.

> I have edited the 4. and 5. of them and included a line: S=*.s;
> I also have created a file
> GeanyPortable\Data\settings\filedefs\filetypes.s
> and copyed this to
> GeanyPortable\Data\settings\filedefs\filetypes.s.conf

You definitively don't need both. You want a file called 
`filetypes.S.conf` (notice upper case S - it's important). You need to 
put that into whatever directory the portable version finds filedefs from.

> but neither the syntax highlighter nor the build command is
> recogniced.
> If I try to use the menu to configure the build commands, these
> commands get saved in the file
> GeanyPortable\Data\settings\filedefs\filetypes.common
> not in
> filetypes.s.conf
> I have tried these try and error game for two hours now. Can anybody
> please explain what the six directorys are for and what exactly is to
> do to configure geany for a new extension.

It would easier to troubleshoot if you attached/pastebinned the actual 
file you're trying which is giving problems.

Matthew Brush

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