[Geany-Users] calling a console application?

Vitali Samurov vitali.s at xxxxx
Fri Sep 20 06:39:46 UTC 2013


I was trying to run not GUI but console windows applications. Here are my steps:

1). Compilation. Build -> Set Build Commands:
%HOMEPATH%\GITworks\diygeiger_mk161\Tools\mkl2mkp_en -i "%f"  

It works  - when I press F8, an empty (black)  Win console appears, but I can see the output of mkl2mkp_en.exe in Geany Compiler output window.

1). Upload to device:
%HOMEPATH%\GITworks\diygeiger_mk161\Tools\pmkcom-0.18.i386.win32.exe %d\%e.mkp --p 3 -s 19200 -wp 0 6

Also works, with the same empty Win console.

3). Run compiled binary in a Win emulator:
%HOMEPATH%\GITworks\diygeiger_mk161\Tools\vk6.exe -i %d\%e.mkp

This is what I would like to be running not in an empty win console. 


Matthew Brush [mbrush at codebrainz.ca] kirjoitti: 
> On 13-09-19 10:12 PM, Vitali Samurov wrote:
> > Hello Community,
> >
> > is it possible to call an external console application from Geany in
> > such a way that it will start a Windows console with fully functional
> > input / output?
> > I have assigned compiler and flash-tool  in 'Set Build Command'
> > settings, they start in a clean console, but it is Ok since I can see
> > STDOUT in Geany window. But it is not Ok when I want to start an emulator.
> >
> Hi,
> Can you please elaborate a bit more on what tools you are using 
> specifically, what build commands you have set, what you are expecting 
> and what you are getting, in a little more detail?
> If I had to guess from your description, it sounds like you are trying 
> to run a Windows GUI program (google for WinMain) which doesn't get any 
> stdio streams to write to, rather than a console application that's 
> hooked up to stdio streams. This is kind of a quirk of Windows where GUI 
> apps can't (by default) output to stdout and stderr. Maybe your 
> particular GUI tool has a command-line option to attach a console to it.
> Cheers,
> Matthew Brush
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