[Geany-Users] Little questions

pauriem at gmail.com pauriem at xxxxx
Mon Sep 9 04:19:09 UTC 2013

I want to follow up on the part
of this old thread which is
complaining about the behavior
of the backspace in Scintilla, which
will sometimes trigger a forward
delete in an indentation context

I also find this really annoying and
pointless and would like to disable

from what I can gather, the
behavior is governed by a
property in Scintilla called

what I would hope to be able to do
is to use the plugin API to pass
a message to Scintilla to knock
off doing this

is there such a message I can send,
or would I have to patch the geany
source to call a lower-level Scintilla
function not exposed through the

failing that, I expect I can write a
script or macro that moves the
cursor one space left and then does
a forward delete (potentially in
a loop indexed by the indentation
value defined by the conf settings),
 and bind the backspace key to that?
is there any reason why that would

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