[Geany-Users] Recording Macros / Keyboard bindings

Daniel Carrera dcarrera at xxxxx
Tue Sep 3 14:12:33 UTC 2013


I have installed the Macros plugin, but you have to use the mouse a
lot to use it: You have to go to "Tools > Record Macro", then enter a
shortcut on a window, and finish with "Tools > Stop Recording".

I was wondering if there is an alternative to start/stop recording
from the keyboard. Ideally I'd press something like "Ctrl+M" to start
recording and then "Ctrl+M" to stop recording, and always use the same
key to run the macro. That way I could use macros entirely from the
keyboard. Is anyone aware of any option to do that? AFAICT you cannot
assign key bindings to start/stop macro.

This is the plugin I found:  http://plugins.geany.org/geanymacro.html

Lord of the rings calendar in your Linux/Unix/Mac terminal:
cat /usr/share/calendar/calendar.lotr

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