[Geany-Users] extending TKProE with geany

J.McNamara thirdshiftcoder at xxxxx
Wed May 15 05:05:17 UTC 2013


TKProE is an ide for TK. The creator said with an editor like notepad, 
you can save and close the editor file and it will update the proc 
window in TKProE. Is there a trick to that someone here may know of? I 
asked the question here because I'd like to use Geany for this. Right 
now, I edit my changes and save them in Geany. Then I shut down TKProE 
and start it up again and load my project to see the updated changes.

 From the user docs of TKProE...

This option specifies the external editor that should be used for 
editing the application procedures.
This editor is run by pressing the Edit button on the
TKproE procedures dialog
. The currently
selected procedure will be opened using the external editor. The TKproE 
application itself will wait
until the external editor program is closed before TKproE will respond 
to any more user input. When
the editor is closed, TKproE will update the source code associated with 
the currently selected
Remember to save the file before exiting the external editor. You should 
also remember to press the
button in TKproE in order to save the modified procedure within TKproE.
External editors (e.g., Windows Write) that create a copy of themselves 
and then immediately return
to the calling application will not work with this feature. (On the 
Windows operating system, the
Notepad program will work properly.)
Any necessary command line options should be included when setting the 
value of this option. The
name of the temporary file containing the procedure being edited will be 
substituted anywhere the
word FILENAME is found in the option value."

I will check tomorrow for any replies. I need to go to bed now and get some
sleep so I can go to work. I asked in one other forum but it is a 
programming forum
and not an editor guru forum. I will go mark that closed so there is 
only one
question at one forum.

thanks so much,
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