[Geany-Users] Sluggish (slow; transiently non-responsive) Geany?

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Wed Jul 24 00:57:28 UTC 2013


> =============================================
> THIRD: Geany (regular launch; 'Spell Check' plugin disabled (deselected)):
> Working normally; no 'freezes'!  :-)  Very fast, responsive (immediate) -
> heavy (intensive)  pastes/saves/deletes ...
Ok, well, now the culprit is identified :)

But it is still worthwhile getting the backtrace from GDB as I asked.
 Since it doesn't happen here, that will provide some guidance for the
plugin maintainer where to look.  Without that info he may not be able to
recreate the fault to fix it.

Geany-plugins is separate from Geany, the plugins are not necessarily
created or maintained by Geany devs.  So please make a bug report on the
geany-plugins bug tracker
(https://sourceforge.net/p/geany-plugins/bugs/) including
the backtrace from above, so the maintainer will be informed.  That way he
can fix it and you won't need to go without.

> That's good: I like the Tree Browser plugin.

The treebrowser plugin has been orphaned for a while, but has just got a
new maintainer (IIRC) so again please make a bug report so he will know
about the problem.


> =============================================
> I can live without the 'Spell Check' plugin, but very grudgingly so: I use
> it extensively for personal/professional use.  Is there a work-around/other
> options?  I use enchant e.g. with gedit, Claws mail - seemingly without
> issue ...
> Thanks again for your excellent help much appreciated!
> Sincerely, Victoria  :-)
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