[Geany] Cleaning up after Geany

Laurent Hoeltgen hoeltgman at xxxxx
Sat Sep 8 05:45:01 UTC 2012

On 08/09/12 02:20, Matthew Brush wrote:
> On 12-09-07 03:13 PM, Shom wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I am a inexperienced user with Geany. I primarily use it for C
>> programming and  editing latex.
>> I am wondering if there is a way to clean the different object/
>> executable/ aux files created during compilation after I am done with my
>> work.
>> For users familiar with texmaker I am asking for something like
>> "clean"-button inn Geany.
> You can configure a build command and make it call "rm -f blah blah" to
> delete those files. Then it will show up in the Build menu and toolbar
> (under the button with the funny looking icon). Search the manual for
> "build command" for more info on setting build commands.
> Usually I write a little Make file for stuff like this so that the build
> command just needs to call the appropriate Make file target (ie. in this
> case something like "make clean").
> Cheers,
> Matthew Brush
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You could combine Matthew's suggestion with the latexmk (comes with 
TeXlive, I think). latexmk compiles latex files automatically, keeps 
track of the dependencies and can do all sorts of cleanup. One feature 
of latexmk that I also really love is the fact that it can run in the 
background and compile the latex code as soon as something changes.


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