[Geany] quick find behavior

Gordon Wrigley gordon.wrigley at xxxxx
Thu Sep 6 15:33:53 UTC 2012


I'd like different behavior from ctrl-g (currently <find next>).
Originally I was going to ask if there was a way of making it like Chrome
where in addition to jumping to the next result it also moves focus to the
quick search box and highlights the current content of the quick search box
so you can easily replace it.
This is not as disruptive as it might sound as you can always dismiss the
quick search box and move focus to the search result by hitting escape.

Having played around with the keybindings a bit I'm also interested in
something that does all that and copies the current text selection to the
quick search box.

Are there any existing options for anything like this?

If it matters any I currently have 1.22 on win7.

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