[Geany] mac osx -- control-v paste not working

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Sat Jul 14 00:06:02 UTC 2012

On 12-07-13 04:18 PM, Sean Felipe Wolfe wrote:
> Hey everybody,
> I started playing around with geany for osx via macports, thanks to
> this article:
> http://wiki.geany.org/howtos/osx/running
> everything was going great until I realized that I couldn't paste
> anything. :P I'm able to copy and paste to an external text file. But
> copying + pasting internally doesn't paste anything. I've tried both
> keyboard shortcut and pull-down menu option.
> This is 0.21 (newest version on macports I believe) with OSX Lion
> (which sucks) 10.7.4 .
> Any help would be appreciated :)  Thanks!


Geany sucks on OSX[1].

I've done some work locally on improving it but it requires a lot of 
changes to Geany's code, build system and also some extra GTK+-related 
dependencies. I'm not confident enough that after spending so much time 
on making it usable that all of the (many) changes will be accepted into 
the core of Geany, so I've kind of put it on hold for now.

IIRC, I got to the point of having application menu integration, 
keybindings working, theme/font integration, plugins working, VTE 
loading (but not working), and a Geany.app bundle for easy installing 
and dock icon. The main thing that made me give up was that there's a 
crasher bug deep inside the Cairo/Quartz code used by Scintilla and I'm 
not inclined to fix it.

SublimeText2 is pretty nice and not super expensive (has a free demo) if 
you're looking for a fairly sane alternative to Geany.

Matthew Brush

[1] To be fair to Geany, GTK+ also sucks on OSX which accounts for most 
of Geany's suckiness there.

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