[Geany] build of geany-plugins 0.20 is broken

Ruslan Mahmatkhanov cvs-src at xxxxx
Fri Sep 30 12:19:20 UTC 2011

Good day.

I'm trying to build geany-plugins 0.20 from official distribution w/o 
success: http://plugins.geany.org/geany-plugins/geany-plugins-0.20.tar.gz

The first problem is, that this distribution lacks this files:

Ok, i'm copying them from your git repo, then try to execute ./waf 
--help. It complains like this:

# ./waf --help
line 207, in options
     { '1' : plugins[0], '2' : plugins[1] }, dest='enable_plugins')
IndexError: list index out of range

Ok, i'm patching it like this:

      opt.add_option('--enable-plugins', action='store', default='',
-        help='plugins to be built [plugins in CSV format, e.g. 
"%(1)s,%(2)s"]' % \
-        { '1' : plugins[0], '2' : plugins[1] }, dest='enable_plugins')
+        help='plugins to be built', dest='enable_plugins')
      opt.add_option('--skip-plugins', action='store', default='',
          help='plugins which should not be built, ignored when 
--enable-plugins is set, same format as --enable-plugins',

Then try to execute:
# ./waf configure --enable-plugins=spellcheck,geanysendmail
Plugins to compile                       : spellcheck geanysendmail
'configure' finished successfully (0.371s)

All is fine. Trying to build:

smeshariki3# ./waf build
Waf: Entering directory 
No wscript file in directory 

So it doesn't create wscript's for plugins for some reason. Can please 
anybody investigate this? Since right now this distribution is unusable. 
Thanks. I'm open to any tests.


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