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On Tue, 15 Mar 2011 07:44:01 -0700, Matthew wrote:


reviving the topic before it dies...

>On 03/15/11 02:21, Frank Lanitz wrote:
>> Am 15.03.2011 04:59, schrieb Matthew Brush:
>>> Does Geany have a wiki somewhere which users and developers can edit
>>> with tutorials, examples, links, screenshots and so on?  I looked
>>> around a bit and I couldn't find one.  I notice that the main
>>> website is a Wiki, but it doesn't seem to be editable by regular
>>> users (for good reason).
>> No. The normal pages at geany.org are not editable by general ppl at
>> the moment. I hardly recommend to keep it like this as these are the
>> 'official' pages.
>I also hardily recommend that the main site not be user editable.  I
>was simply noting that while I'm aware there technically is already a
>Wiki, I think it would be nice to have a *separate* user-editable Wiki.
>>> I think it would be a good idea.  I'm curious what others think.
>> A nice idea to have such thing.
>Do you think this is something that could/should be hosted on the
>Geany website using MediaWiki, MoinMoin or similar software, or do you
>think it would be better to use a third party hosting like
>live.gnome.org or a similar service?

as already earlier said in this thread, I'd prefer to host it on
geany.org accessible via wiki.geany.org.

The question about the Wiki software to use is still unanswered if I
didn't miss anything.

I personally still would prefer DokuWiki or PMWiki.

Any opinions?


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