[Geany] [ANN for plugin developers] Automated code checking

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Mon Mar 14 19:11:56 UTC 2011

Hi dear Geany plugin developers,

I just added some automated code checking to the Autotools-based build
system, after a (quite long) discussion on the Geany development list [1].

What are these checks?

They are currently quite basic, but will hopefully help finding some
possible problems automatically -- and actually they already did!

The checks are currently (see the brand new HACKING file):
1) Some chosen C compiler warnings, enabled by default;
2) The `cppcheck` static analyzer, run upon `make check` (if you have it).

How does this affect me?

First of all, we hope they will help you in finding and correcting some
possible problems, or simply help you improve some code parts.

In practice, you'll probably see some warnings when building your
plugin: the goal is to fix the most.
If you have any question, why you get some warnings or how to fix them,
don't hesitate to ask here -- to correctly fix a warning one need to
exactly know why he get it.

One of these warnings is wrong, what can I do?

Tell us! If one of these warnings produces too much false-positive,
we'll discuss it and most probably remove it. The goal is not to bother
anybody, only to make the plugin's code better.

I hope this will help all of us providing even better plugins, without
too much efforts :)


[1] starting from

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