[Geany] A few notes about Geany Newsletter

Frank Lanitz frank at xxxxx
Sun Mar 13 00:24:01 UTC 2011

Hi folks, 

Just a few, barely sorted notes about the newsletter I've sent a
couple of minutes ago:

The intention of the newsletter is to give an overview about the most
important things inside Geany universe including Plugins. Future goal is
to create it on a monthly or 2-monthly period.

The newsletter has been done in team work between Russell Dickenson,
Enrico and myself based on a discussion earlier this year at this list.
(Thanks for this guys!)

The 1st issue has been done with LaTeX, but this maybe change in

The 'development' is done transparent inside a public git repository at


Please feel free to clone this and send patches :) 

But patches is a good topic: We do need your input! We are trying to
keep on monitoring the mailing lists and everything else what is
happening inside Geany environment, but we cannot ensure we get the
attention of every interesting point. So if you have something might
fit, don't hesitate to write an email. For the beginning, just ping me.
Maybe we will set up a new mailing list later, but this is nothing I
spent much thoughts about. 

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