[Geany] About set geany colors tool. To John Gabriele or whom it may concern

luca at email.com luca at xxxxx
Wed Mar 9 10:34:17 UTC 2011


thank you for your quick reply.
It's true: now the mentioned link is working!

Just for reference I did:

sudo apt-get install libconfig-tiny-perl
wget -q 
tar -xf set_geany_colors.tar.bz2
mv set_geany_colors ~
cd ~/set_geany_colors
cp -R colorschemes ~/.config/geany

I had to edit ~/set_geany_color/set_geany_colors.pl
and change
my $geany_config_dir = '.geany';
my $geany_config_dir = .'config/geany';

and then I was able to run the tool
perl ~/set_geany_color/set_geany_colors.pl

Maybe it would be an idea to add this how to this page
[ http://www.geany.org/Download/Extras ]

the mentioned installation script works partially
(under ubuntu is better to install the above lib instead of compiling 
Config-Tiny in my opinion
and then it doesn't change the above var)


pd: I'll have a look to your project thank you for the tip

as a last note I'm using lubuntu 10.10

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On 03/09/11 01:27, luca at email.com wrote: 
> Hello! :) 
> the package set_geany_colors writtem by John Gabriele is not 
reachable at 
> [ 
http://www.unexpected-vortices.com/jmg/files/set_geany_colors.tar.bz2 ] 
> is there any chance to get it? 
Seems to be working now. 
I had a copy kicking around, in case you still can't access it: 
Also, check out my geany-themes project here: 
Matthew Brush (codebrainz) 
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