[Geany] Compiling from source on Cygwin platform

Thomas Martitz thomas.martitz at xxxxx
Sun Jan 10 22:10:21 UTC 2010

Am 10.01.2010 22:53, schrieb John Yeung:
> On Sun, Jan 10, 2010 at 9:46 AM, Thomas Martitz
> <thomas.martitz at student.htw-berlin.de>  wrote:
>>> The question which raises to me:
>>> why are you doing that at all? That is, why do you want to compile
>>> Geany in Cygwin? I think the native Windows port is faster and at least
>>> easier to use.
>> Cygwin creates native windows executables AFAIK.
> Well, the usual way to develop under Cygwin is to write source code
> which assumes a POSIX environment.  When you compile this, Cygwin
> links to its own special DLL which provides POSIX emulation.  So, most
> Cygwin applications are "native" in the sense that they are Windows
> binaries, but they are also not native in the sense that someone
> without the Cygwin DLL cannot run that application.
> According to the Cygwin site, there are compiler options which let you
> link directly to Microsoft's libraries and NOT use the Cygwin DLL, but
> then you cannot assume the POSIX environment and you must code for
> native Windows.  In this scenario, Cygwin is essentially just
> providing the Unix-like command shell and Unix-like compilation tools.

I assumed he aimed for that (i.e. follow the last point you mentioned). 
The windows port of geany is native. I should've said "is able to create" :)

> Presumably, if someone is talking about using Cygwin to compile Geany,
> what they mean is they want to compile the source as if they were on
> *nix, but doing so on their Cygwin-equipped Windows machine.  This
> would fall under the Cygwin-DLL-requiring scenario.  Enrico's point
> is:  Why not just use the Windows version of Geany?
> The only reason I can think of (and I am just guessing here, because I
> don't use Cygwin myself) is that the OP wants to use Geany as his
> Cygwin editor/IDE, and that a truly native Windows version (that
> doesn't use the Cygwin DLL) wouldn't be able to correctly access the
> Cygwin environment where all his development stuff is.
> John

Thanks for clearing this up. The only thing I build under cygwin so far 
didn't depend on cygwin.dll after compilation.

Best regards.

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