[Geany] Multiple directory build an direct access to files

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On 15 April 2010 20:52, Javier Vilarroig <javier.vilarroig at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi.
> First of all, I love geany :) Thanks for it!!
> I'm having a little problem on my current project.
> It's a C++ program, an I'm using a complex directory structure with a
> Makefile in each subdir, with automake/autoconf system.
> When launching make on the main directory it spawns every make on the
> corresponding subdirs.
> The problem is on the errors management. I get the compilation report on
> the lower subwindow, but when I press on an error in order to go to the
> corresponding file and line I get an error mesage because the makefiles
> are reporting the filenames without path information, as every make
> executes on his own dir.
> My question is: ¿Is there a way to inform geany on what directories it
> can search for source files in order to avoid that?
> Thanks in advance, and excuse my poor English.
> --
> Javier Vilarroig Christensen
> X Infor
> sip:javier.vilarroig at ekiga.net <sip%3Ajavier.vilarroig at ekiga.net>
> mailto:javier.vilarroig at gmail.com
Normally recursive uses of make output messages like "Entering directory
..." and Leaving directory ..."  as they process each subdirectory.  These
are parsed by Geany to search for source files even if the error messages
are output without path.

Are you getting these messages?  (Note Geany only understands them in


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