[Geany] [SPAM] Re: Geany not getting focus on kubuntu

Randy Kramer rhkramer at xxxxx
Fri Oct 2 12:39:35 UTC 2009

On Friday 02 October 2009 05:06:34 am Christoph Siefer wrote:
> Randy Kramer wrote:
> > http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Wikilearn/SetFocusStealingPreventionP
> >erWindowKDE3dot5
> Funny, but the behaviour on my Gnome 2.26.1 with Geany 16 (for Geany
> I prefer to skip the "0." ;)) is exactly as described by Dominik. Any
> hints where to setup window props in Gnome?


I don't use Gnome, but the first thing I'd try is googling for: 

[Gnome "Focus Stealing Prevention"] (without the square brackets)

If you find a solution, please consider adding a note to that WikiLearn 
page listed previously (and below).

> > Hmm, that's a long URL--I should probably change the page name to
> > make a shorter URL--it might get split in this email.
> embrace the url like <http://some.long.url>.

Hmm, thanks--I'll have to remember that (at first I thought you were 
giving me some meta-physical type new age advice--like, I don't 
know--"embrace change", or "carpe diem", or something like that, but 
now I understand ;-)  

The URL didn't break up for me, so I don't know if this helps anyone 
(maybe the URL isn't *too* long), but I'm trying your suggestion here 
just in hopes it does help.  Ohh, wait, it did break up when I wrote 
this reply--maybe I will be able to tell.  Anyway:


Good luck,
Randy Kramer

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