[Geany] [SPAM] Re: Geany not getting focus on kubuntu

Dominik Stadler Dominik.Stadler at xxxxx
Sat Oct 3 18:25:27 UTC 2009

Hi all, 

The solution provided in the URL below on twiki.org actually solves the problem for me as well. Setting the Focus Stealing Prevents to "None" for Geany specifically had exactly the desired effect, i.e. it now  is brought to the foreground if I open some textfile in file explorer or on the commandline!

Thanks to Randy for suggesting this!


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> Datum: Fri, 2 Oct 2009 08:39:35 -0400
> Von: Randy Kramer <rhkramer at gmail.com>
> An: Geany general discussion list <geany at uvena.de>
> Betreff: Re: [Geany] [SPAM] Re:  Geany not getting focus on kubuntu

> On Friday 02 October 2009 05:06:34 am Christoph Siefer wrote:
> > Randy Kramer wrote:
> > > http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Wikilearn/SetFocusStealingPreventionP
> > >erWindowKDE3dot5
> >
> > Funny, but the behaviour on my Gnome 2.26.1 with Geany 16 (for Geany
> > I prefer to skip the "0." ;)) is exactly as described by Dominik. Any
> > hints where to setup window props in Gnome?
> Christoph,
> I don't use Gnome, but the first thing I'd try is googling for: 
> [Gnome "Focus Stealing Prevention"] (without the square brackets)
> If you find a solution, please consider adding a note to that WikiLearn 
> page listed previously (and below).
> > > Hmm, that's a long URL--I should probably change the page name to
> > > make a shorter URL--it might get split in this email.
> >
> > embrace the url like <http://some.long.url>.
> Hmm, thanks--I'll have to remember that (at first I thought you were 
> giving me some meta-physical type new age advice--like, I don't 
> know--"embrace change", or "carpe diem", or something like that, but 
> now I understand ;-)  
> The URL didn't break up for me, so I don't know if this helps anyone 
> (maybe the URL isn't *too* long), but I'm trying your suggestion here 
> just in hopes it does help.  Ohh, wait, it did break up when I wrote 
> this reply--maybe I will be able to tell.  Anyway:
> <http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Wikilearn/SetFocusStealingPreventionPerWindowKDE3dot5>
> Good luck,
> Randy Kramer
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