[Geany] Custom Templates and Saving

Laurent Hoeltgen hoeltgman at xxxxx
Wed Dec 16 10:51:52 UTC 2009


I'm not sure whether this is a bug or not, but it's a behavior I find a
bit strange.

If I make a new file with one of the standard templates and hit ctrl+s,
to save the file, the dialogue pops up asking me where I want to save

However if I make a new file with a custom template and hit ctrl+s to
save it, the dialogue doesn't appear. It just saves the file in my home

Is this behavior intended? I would prefer that it actually asks me where
I want that file to be saved.


This is the geany version I'm running under Ubuntu 9.04:

geany 0.18 (kompiliert am Aug 21 2009 mit GTK 2.16.1, GLib 2.20.1)

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