[Geany] error indicator

Galahad Emsworth galahad.emsworth at xxxxx
Fri Dec 11 17:48:32 UTC 2009

Im new to this list so hope following is not a big FAQ.
Well, Im using geany 0.18 mainly for php scripts. I cant get the error 
indication when compiling the script.
In Edit-Preferences-Editor-Use of indicators to show compile error" is set
I tried some "manipulations" but I cant get the error indicator. Surely 
it worked in a previous version, but unluckily had to change 
distribution and install everhting from scrach and now...

Then Ive another similar problem, similar since I think that the origin 
is the same. Ive setted line wrap at 72 but doesnt work, the line doesnt 
breaks. This one worked too in a precedent version of Geany.

Thank you in advance

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